Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Offical

I did it. Gave notice today to the City to retire. My last work date is September 30, 2010. Wow I can't believe it. What will I do. Please leave suggestions in the comment area, lol.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess what we got yesterday. She has long golden hair, is about 8-9 years old and is very quiet and shy. Give up, well here is a hint.

Yes that's right we are a two dog family again. Her name is Jas so far, she came with it. She is still getting used to us but we expect her to warm up to us real soon. She is fine with the cats and Rosie. More to come.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We sort of have a new dog in the house, her name is Rosie. Physically she is the same dog but mentally it's like we just picked up a new dog from the shelter. After the eight seizures this past weekend she doesn't remember us or our house. I think that knowledge was lost during the seizures.
She paces through the house when she is nervous, which is most of the time. She avoids contact with us if she can. We hope she will come out of this wierd state and return to being one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known. Here are a few pictures of her.

The last one is with her sister when we first got her.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ireland Trip

Here area few pics from our wonderful trip to Ireland last September. First is a picture of the old castle near Dublin in a little town called Trim. Good first stop since it's only 30 minutes from the airport. Please don't ask about the history of these places because I already forgot. It's old, okay?

Okay this sign says it all. It is the nourishment that kept us going throughout the trip.

Okay now a few shots of the hills just before the west coast. Lovely area full of sheep, wool products and pubs which serves the magic exlixer, Guinness.

Okay, now onto the coast home of boats, fish and of course more Guinness. We spent a couple of days unwinding in the little town of Dingle. Then hit the road again for some beautiful coastal towns.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, I promised more posts so here is Mary in the Salsa Garden.

I think it's trying to pull her into the shrubbery.

And here is one from a view point point near our cabin.

The Indian PaintBrush have been wonderful this year along with all the other flowers that I don't know the name of.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yard Work

Well it's about time I start writing again and since I haven't been traveling I am going to write about what I am doing, gardening. Mary and I have been spending most of our spare time working in the dirt. Here are a few pictures of our work.

Mary does a great job with the pots, planting flowers and several tomato plants. I usually do the heavy duty work, mowing, laying hard scap and digging out the weeds and plants that have gone wild.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yelapa 2009

It was everything I thought it would be and then some. It was more like a picture from a South Sea Island than traditional Mexico. Four nights and five days in the tiny community of Yelapa. No cars, buses and trucks. Mostly foot traffic and a few Burros for the tourists to get around in a hurry, sort of. The Burros where also used for transporting goods and services around town and up river. Boats also played a major role in delivering everything from food, water and people to Yelapa. They would land right on the beach and then turn around and head off again. Future posts will give a detailed look at each day that we spent in this charming little town just 45 minutes from hectic Puerto Vallarta.