Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We sort of have a new dog in the house, her name is Rosie. Physically she is the same dog but mentally it's like we just picked up a new dog from the shelter. After the eight seizures this past weekend she doesn't remember us or our house. I think that knowledge was lost during the seizures.
She paces through the house when she is nervous, which is most of the time. She avoids contact with us if she can. We hope she will come out of this wierd state and return to being one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known. Here are a few pictures of her.

The last one is with her sister when we first got her.


  1. Poor Rosie! Do you know what caused the seizures?

  2. No idea on the cause. MRI showed nothing.

  3. I am so sorry.
    How old is Rosie? She's got to be getting up there in years. What does the vet say?
    When our Maggie (I know you remember her, you had her littermate Bonnie) began losing her hearing, she became very anxious and there *was* a bit of a personality change, but nothing like Rosie.

  4. Rosie is 12. Yes of course I remember
    maggie. Rosie's hearing does seem to be effected. While vacuming last weekend I had to move her to clean the area she was laying on. Before she would run away as soon as I entered the room with the vacum running.
    She is slowly coming back to us though. Her tail is wagging more often now which is always a good sign.

  5. I am glad she is coming back.
    No matter how old a pet is, it is good to have the original with you.
    My old Pounce (died at 20) really wasn't herself the last year of her life, and I should have put her to sleep before I did--I think her arthritis was really hurting her.
    I'm not saying this is the case with Rosie, though. For all we know, she just might have developed a faulty nerve synapse that's now healing itself.